<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/54/24/61/59/171211082733.jpg?t=1548088528"><br>One bedroom home with Nursery or office off the bedroom. All new inside, new floors, walls, tile, vinyl wood look floors, cabinets, barn siding trim, new wiring, plumbing, bath, walk in shower, windows, set up for surround sound. Four buildings attached with walkways between, large courtyard in the middle, and a large privacy fenced area at the back. Building #1 is finished 3200 sq. ft., Building #2 is the house 1231 sq. ft. , Building #3 &amp; 4 is 3708 sq. ft. and building #5 is 1457 sq. ft. Buildings are zoned B3. Parking for atleast 40 cars on 1.8 acres. 5 mi. from the Ft. Wayne International Airport and 3 miles. from GM. Priced at only $12 a sq. ft., you can't buy anything for that. 300 cars pass location 4 -5 pm. Rezoned to Light Industrial. OPEN EVERY THURS. 3 - 5PM <br>